Current tax consultancy

Almost every decision made within the framework of  business activity has got tax consequences. These consequences very often appear to be crucial as far as the company results are concerned, therefore their anticipation at the beginning of the decision-making processes is crucial for safety and success of every organization, regardless of its size. Regular analysis of economic events within an organization and its surroundings, defining potentially risky fields and indicating possible scenarios are basic elements of proper risk management, including the tax one.


Using our knowledge and long-standing experience we can offer you current support in all areas of tax law. We will explain all issues that are open to doubts and suggest the most effective solution concerning tax. We advise both on “the easiest” buying-selling transactions and on multi staged transformations of privately owned capital groups, putting our client’s safety first. 


Our current consultancy services include for instance the following issues:


  We offer many cooperation options, always adjusted to your actual needs. We invite you to contact us in order to receive detailed information.