Non-residents taxation

Constant economic growth in the last years creates favourable conditions for the growth of investments with foreign capital. More and more subjects from different parts of the world open branch offices, representative offices, plants in Poland or expand already run business activity. A natural phenomenon accompanying the growth of activity of foreign capital is a transfer of employees, especially managerial staff, which is to help in the first phase of business development, to teach Polish employees and keep an eye on the owners’ business.


Start of work by foreign nationals in Poland is connected with numerous duties, resting both with them and the Polish or foreign employers. TL HUB offers complex support in employing and settling expatriate workers in Poland. We will accomplish all formalities on your behalf. We will advise on and draw up contracts of employment, pursuant to the Polish employment regulations, Act on board members appointment and numerous required documents. We will also help to correctly settle advance personal income tax payments, insurance contributions and prepare an annual tax declaration.


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