Opinions and tax analysis

You are about to sign a contract of key importance, you think about transforming into different form of business or are in the situation open to doubt. There are many situations when it is very difficult to make a proper decision with no knowledge on taxes. In such cases we suggest using knowledge and experience of our advisers, especially because of the fact that the results of decisions made in the past cannot always be reversed and their consequences can be crucial as far as further functioning of your business is concerned. Here one can only quote an old but always valid saying

“Prevention is cheaper than cure”

We will prepare a detailed problem/issue analysis on the basis of current regulations, the most valid stand of tax authorities, judicature, doctrine and our experience. We will indicate risks, possible scenarios and solutions and what is more, we will suggest which are the most beneficial for you from our point of view. We pay a lot of attention to clear explanation, therefore we try our studies to be understood and permit clients to find information that is crucial to them quickly.


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