TLhub’s accounting department has been growing rapidly lately. Recently we have joined forces with an accounting firm ITU Izabela Demby which has come under the wing of TLhub.


The accounting firm ITU Izabela Demby has been in business for 20 years and Ms Demby has 40 years of experience in the accounting profession. In her words: “The choice of TLhub was not accidental, I decided to hand over my business to a competent team of accountants also supported by lawyers and tax advisors. The great atmosphere in the company was also very important to me. So I’m convinced that my long-term customers will be well looked after.


The merger project was carried out TLhub Partner Wojciech Matuszczak – tax advisor and attorney-at-law. We would like to thank Ms. Izabela Demby for her trust.