About Us


Our name is not accidental. We chose it, because HUB means a link between processes used in operation of equipment backing up data transmission and their efficient functioning.

We can see a close affinity between our activity and hubs. Our support ensures efficient business and our knowledge, experience and competence guarantee compatibility with our clients’ needs.  The range of services we offer including law, taxes and accounts permits us to approach our clients’ needs holistically.

TL HUB is an advisory company launched by experienced professionals – tax advisors and legal counsels, who, after years of professional internship, decided to put into effect their idea of being professional business partners for the present and future clients.

The foundation and crucial element of cooperation with our clients is mutual trust. And it is not only the trust concerning a high level of factual knowledge in services we offer, but also the trust connected with the confidence that each problem of our client becomes our problem as well. We deeply believe that the profession of public trust as a tax advisor or a legal advisor is not about submitting a legal and tax assessment concerning the analysed problem in a narrow and commissioned scope only. To our way of thinking, good consulting service, apart from a diligent risk assessment and information, is also about suggesting alternatives that are worth considering.  It is also about indicating consequences in the fields that we, experienced advisers, can notice and which could not be noticed by a client at a certain stage. We know that the best results can be achieved, first of all, when we approach work from the perspective of a client.

TL HUB was created in order to implement our idea of the advisor’s work. We want to be your reliable partner as far as law, taxes and accounts are concerned – we are convinced that this cooperation will bring you notable benefits.