Transfer prices

A natural effect of an enterprise’s expansion is the growth of its organizational structure. New subjects are launched or taken over and their task is to expand on new markets, in new sectors. They can also play the role of intergroup service centre or become research-development units. The bigger organization, the more dense and extensive network of mutually connected subjects. Mutual cooperation and transactions are unavoidably connected with the issue of transfer prices.


Transfer prices are the prices used in transactions between connected subjects and they are of more and more interest to tax authorities, not only in Poland but also within the world. Expressing doubts concerning their level by a tax authority can result in severe consequences, including income adjusted upwards, which can be subject to taxation with 50% punitive tax rate. One of the best way to eliminate or minimize the above risk is to compile tax documentation, also called transfer pricing documentation. 


Using our experience, we offer an analysis of transfer prices used in your enterprise and compilation of a thorough and professional tax documentation.  We will advise you on solutions enabling to minimize risk of questioning prices by tax authorities and making preparation of the documentation easier in the future.


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