Real property

We have been advising our clients regarding all matters related to real property for years. We investigate into properties’ legal status, analyse purchase and sale options for the most optimal choice with regard to law and taxes, we analyse their intended use and investment possibilities from the legal perspective. We design solutions for the best investment decisions regarding administration of real property; among others, we assess the legal and tax validity of acquiring them by commercial law companies and of changes. We draw up agreements suited to companies’ individual needs, taking into account the interest of partners.


Real property – the scope of our services:

  • providing opinion on matters related to regulations concerning real property, including legal analyses oriented towards urban planning and investment possibilities, determining the intended use of real property;
  • preparing and negotiating agreements concerning real property, including their use and administration (purchase agreements, contributions in kind etc.);
  • drawing up and analysing agreements concerning real property;
  • representing clients in litigations and administrative proceedings.

How do we help?


We offer comprehensive legal, tax and accounting advice for companies from the broadly defined real property industry: investors, sellers and buyers for various purposes, developers, public finance sector entities, entities dealing with real property transactions and management.


We support our clients at every stage of making and implementing investment decisions; from investigating into the legal status of the property to regulating its legal status according to investment needs.


We also provide advice on issues related to investment processes. Additionally, we represent our clients in proceedings before other administrative bodies and before courts.


Why TLhub?


We have years of practical experience in providing comprehensive consulting for clients dealing with real property. We also offer ongoing legal, tax and accounting support related to conducting business operations as well as counselling in more specialised matters and processes typical for the given economic sector.


System compliance with regard to taxes is a way of protecting an enterprise’s interest by way of eliminating risks. Maintaining intra-company procedures secure and activity compliant with the law enables development without anticipating sanctions arising out of errors and omissions.


One of the greatest problems for companies is the issue of constantly amended and updated laws and regulations as well as their number. As a result, analysing each piece of legislation that might affect the activity of a company is rendered particularly difficult. Experienced tax advisors provide help in this respect, indicating changes and regulations of material significance for the business activity conducted. They help establish appropriate procedures and conduct tax documentation audits as well as comprehensive compliance due diligence. As a result, potential risks are verified and actions are proposed to prevent potential losses.


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