Tax compliance

Tax compliance is a  method to secure a company’s interests through the elimination of risks. Thanks to the care for the security of internal procedures and compliance of activities with the regulations, companies can develop without being concerned about potential sanctions related to mistakes and infringement.  


One of the biggest problems for companies is the issue of rapidly changing regulations and their multitude. As a result, it is very difficult to analyze every legal act that influences a company’s operation. Experienced tax advisors support businesses in this respect, indicating changes and regulations that are of the essence to their operation. They help establish proper procedures and conduct audits of tax documentation as well as comprehensive compliance due diligence. It enables verification of potential risks and presentation of actions that can prevent possible losses. 


Tax compliance – the scope of our services:

  • tax verification and compliance due diligence within taxes; 
  • indication of potential risks and presentation of actions that can prevent potential liability for mistakes and infringement; 
  • selection of optimal tax policy and development of a plan of proper internal procedures for a company; 
  • implementation of the proposed plan to change defective or inefficient procedures; 
  • if need be, development of a plan of changes in a company’s organizational structure and supervision over its implementation; 
  • development of a system informing about irregularities; 
  • ongoing tax services, including information on legal changes that are significant for a given company, which minimizes the risk of mistake; 
  • training courses for employees and managers on the application of new procedures; 
  • training courses that prepare companies for a potential tax control, customs and fiscal control, or tax proceedings; 
  • training courses for employees and entrepreneurs on taxes. 

How do we help? 


Tax advisors and attorneys at law from our firm conduct comprehensive compliance due diligence within taxes, which enables identification of potential risks. On the basis of analyses, they present actions that can prevent potential liability for mistakes and infringement as well as an individual plan of implementation of optimal tax policy and proper internal procedures. They support companies at every stage of implementation of changes.  


If compliance due diligence reveals low efficiency and lack of security of the current structure of a company, we prepare a restructuring plan. Then we supervise its implementation, making sure the entire process is substantively and formally correct. We will also train employees and managers on the application of the new procedures.  


Our firm develops systems informing about irregularities in accordance with the law. It helps create dedicated channels of anonymous communication and internal regulations regarding internal investigations. Thanks to that, our clients can additionally secure their companies against possible infringement on the part of individual departments or employees.  


Our tax advisors make sure companies fulfill their tax obligations properly. We provide ongoing tax services, preparing interpretations of regulations, and indicating legislative changes that have a significant influence on a given company’s operation. We also prepare employees for potential tax control, customs and fiscal control, or tax proceedings and conduct training courses on taxes. 


Why TLhub?


Tax consulting, including tax compliance, is one of the leading specializations of TLhub. Our team of tax advisors and attorneys at law conducts audits, supports companies in the preparation and implementation of essential changes, and indicates optimal solutions. Every time, we verify the individual situation of a company, presenting safe solutions that take into consideration the specificity of the company and the sector in which it operates.  


We take care of our clients’ tax security, protecting them from potential mistakes that may result in sanctions. Thanks to that, entrepreneurs can develop their businesses without concerns about potential consequences. We support companies at every stage, verifying available possibilities and making sure that their activities are compliant with the law. 


We indicate legal changes that have a significant influence on a company’s operation and help adjust procedures to new regulations. We also support clients in taking advantage of the amendments that offer them a possibility to make positive changes in terms of tax settlements. We also train employees of all levels in order to improve the efficiency of their everyday work and minimize risks.  


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