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Comprehensive tax consulting services are the foundation of efficient business management. In this context, we offer support of a multidisciplinary team of experts who specialize in tax law, accounting, and labor law and are aware of the significance of daily business practice and the challenges that the market poses for entrepreneurs. Properly prepared procedures minimize the risk of mistakes and enable expenditure estimation as well as safe management of everyday work of the accounting department.  


Ongoing tax consulting – the scope of our services:

  • ongoing tax consulting within VAT, PIT, CIT; 
  • selection of the optimal form of business activity and corresponding tax policy; 
  • support in company restructuring; 
  • tax consulting during purchase or sales of a company; 
  • consulting within the settlement of fuel cards; 
  • support in the settlement of vouchers, coupons, gifts, and awards; 
  • tax consulting within fleet and company vehicles; 
  • support in the settlement of sales or purchase of real estate; 
  • support within real estate tax; 
  • consulting within tax relief and exemption; 
  • settlement of VAT, CIT, and PIT for fringe benefits and partly gratuitous services (e.g. sports cars, private medical care, private insurance, vehicles); 
  • drafting of tax-efficient incentive programs for managers; 
  • settlement of transactions with foreign entities – income taxes and double taxation conventions; 
  • income taxes in the context of leasing and long-term lease; 
  • optimization of taxation of partners in partnerships; 
  • support in the development of programs and applications for tax purposes; 
  • representation during tax controls, administrative proceedings, court proceedings as well as court and administrative proceedings; 
  • drafting of transfer price documentation; 
  • consulting within VAT in international transactions; 
  • consulting within income taxes in settlements with foreign affiliated companies; 
  • submission of motions for individual interpretation to tax authorities; 
  • drafting of opinions and interpretations of tax law; 
  • training courses for managers and accountants as well as other departments involved in the accounting process. 

How do we help? 


Our firm offers both ongoing tax consulting services as well as interim support in the selection of tax-efficient forms of business activity, during restructuring, and purchase or sales of a company. We help businesses develop efficient tax policies and procedures that facilitate the everyday work of the accounting department. We offer support in the settlement of: PIT, CIT, VAT, EU VAT, and VAT for foreign transactions outside the European Union. We provide consulting services within PIT and CIT. 


Our tax advisors and attorneys at law support companies in the settlement of purchase of a company car and fuel cars. They provide consulting within the development of tax-efficient incentive programs as well as the settlement of fringe benefits and partly gratuitous services (e.g. medical care, private insurance, cars). 


We prepare transfer price documentation for clients and provide consulting within income taxes, including settlements with foreign affiliated companies. We also represent our clients during court, administrative as well as court and administrative proceedings. We provide consulting during controls conducted by tax authorities.  


We also draft opinions on tax law and submit motions for individual interpretation to tax authorities. We organize training courses on legal changes and the implementation of procedures that enhance accounting management. 


Why TLhub?


TLhub provides ongoing tax consulting and supports the accounting departments of clients. We have extensive experience in restructuring, sales, and purchase of companies. We represent our clients during court, administrative as well as court and administrative proceedings. We also support them during tax controls.  


We draft numerous legal opinions on the ambiguous regulations of the tax law and if need be, we submit motions for individual interpretation to tax authorities. We inform our clients about amendments that are significant from the perspective of their operation.  


We also cooperate with HR departments on the selection of optimal settlement methods: incentive systems, bonuses, awards, benefits such as sports cards, private medical care, etc. Our company has extensive experience in consulting services within the development of IT solutions, including solutions that enable tax settlements in IT systems. Support of our tax advisors makes it possible to develop an IT system for tax settlements in accordance with the regulations of law. 


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