Public real estate management

Public real estate is the property and other property rights that belong to the Treasury and public legal persons as well as local government real estate, that is, property and other property rights that belong to communes and communal legal persons and property and other property rights that belong to provinces and provincial legal persons as well as districts and district legal persons. They are managed by the Treasury or local governments. 


Privately-owned entities use public real estate under agreements that regulate its provision and use. They also make investments involving elements of public real estate, hire or lease it on the basis of tender procedures. Support of a legal practitioner – attorney at law or lawyer – as well as tax advisor, accountant, and settlement expert will help plan rationally and structure the planned investments, protecting interests of privately-owned companies and ensuring compliance with the law. 


Public real estate management – the scope of services: 

  • agreements that regulate provision and use of real estate; 
  • investment agreements;  
  • legal and property charges for agricultural and forest real estate and easement; 
  • exchange of real estate; 
  • implementation of investments under provisions of special acts; 
  • issuing of opinions on management decisions; 
  • real estate hire and lease agreements; 
  • issuing of opinions on tender documentation; 
  • issuing of opinions on documents in administrative proceedings; 
  • issues regarding labor law and collective labor agreements. 

How do we help? 


We support and represent clients – both public and privately-owned entities. 


We offer comprehensive legal services to entities that manage public real estate within the drafting of agreements, decisions, and administrative acts. We prepare documentation essential for public procurement. We represent clients in court proceedings, administrative proceedings, and court and administrative proceedings as well as negotiation of agreements. 


For private clients, we prepare professional analyses of the legal status of agricultural and forest real estate from the perspective of special regulations regarding forests, waters, environmental law, nature conservation law, spatial planning and land development. We verify their investment possibilities in the legal context. We help them implement investments, offering legal support at every stage.  


Why TLhub?


We have extensive practical experience within the execution of projects regarding public real estate management. We provide consulting services to both privately-owned companies – investors and contractors – as well as public entities. We have handled thousands of issues in terms of both the ongoing activity as well as projects financed from public funds.  


Contact our experts and find out how we can help you. 

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