Agricultural and forest real estate trade

Agricultural and forest real estate trade is subject to special limitations. The hiring of an experienced tax advisor is a guarantee that the transaction will proceed in accordance with the law. We provide consulting services to buyers and sellers in all aspects of the agricultural and forest real estate trade.  


Agricultural and forest real estate trade – the scope of our services: 

  • analyses of the legal status of real estate, in the context of planned transactions and investments;
  • handling of transactions regarding agricultural and forest real estate within their sales, purchase, lease, division, and changing the status of farmland; 
  • consulting within any changes in capital companies (limited liability company and joint-stock company) that are owners of agricultural or forest real estate and reshuffling in partnerships (general partnership, limited partnership, and limited joint-stock partnership) that own agricultural real estate; 
  • issuing opinions on circumstances for preemptive right, priority right, and declaration of purchase of real estate in light of the Act on the Structuring of the Agrarian System, the Forest Act, etc.; 
  • change of the ownership of real estate owned by the Treasury. 

How do we help? 


We support clients during the regulation of the legal status of agricultural real estate. We draft documentation that is essential for obtaining a permit to buy agricultural real estate. We represent clients interested in purchase of real estate owned by the Treasury.  


We also organize training courses on forest management agreements and liability for bad-quality wood resources. 


Why TLhub?


We have long-term practical experience in various projects regarding agricultural and forest real estate. We support clients in the legal, tax, and accounting aspects regarding investments in this type of real estate, as well as in the ongoing operational activity of their companies. 


Contact our experts and find out how we can help you. 

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