proper register of accounting documents is of key significance for the operation of every organization. The basic goal of registering documents in accounting ledgers is to provide the possibility to quickly draw reliable information on the financial situation of a company in the future. This goal can be achieved only if the accounting ledgers are kept with the utmost care and in accordance with the principles established during their registration. Proper tax policy enables a selection of efficient forms of business activity as well as lawful tax settlements of companies and natural persons. 


Accounting – the scope of our services:

  • drafting and implementation of the principles of a unit’s accounting and a plan of accounts; 
  • registration and archiving of documents; 
  • keeping of a revenue registry (tax on registered revenue without deductible costs), accounting ledgers, and revenue and expense ledger; 
  • reporting of financial data to the company’s management board and the group, in accordance with the requirements established together with the Client; 
  • preparation of annual settlements for natural persons and entrepreneurs; 
  • keeping of a register of tangible assets as well as intangible and legal assets along with the drafting of a depreciation plan; 
  • drafting of VAT statements and keeping VAT registers of purchase and sales; 
  • settlements of foreign transactions, including customs and EU VAT; 
  • drafting of annual statements, calculation of advance personal income tax payments; 
  • drafting of required financial statements and a management board report on the company’s operation;   
  • drafting of reports for the Central Statistical Office, the National Bank of Poland, and other institutions; 
  • representation of clients during tax and fiscal controls as well as in administrative and court proceedings; 
  • verification of the correctness of the previous tax process within a company; 
  • consulting services within the tax policy of a company; 
  • support in the selection of efficient accounting management methods from the perspective of a company’s activity and legal requirements; 
  • submission of motions for individual interpretation to tax authorities; 
  • drafting of tax interpretations or opinions; 
  • accounting services for entities that plan or are under restructuring or in the process of sales or purchase of a company; 
  • comprehensive and simplified accounting; 
  • training courses for employees of all levels and individuals who run one-man businesses. 

How do we help? 


Within accounting services we implement procedures that minimize the risk of mistakes, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on the core business. Thanks to that, our clients can safely develop their companies. Properly planned tax procedures enable the reduction of expenses on labor input and efficient business management. Limitation of the number of potential mistakes means smaller risk related to possible sanctions imposed by tax authorities and courts. 


We provide comprehensive services to companies, implementing the proposed tax policy. We offer full and simplified accounting services. We make sure the registration and archiving of documents are correct and compliant with the law. We manage a company’s accounts, settle income tax and VAT. Our offer also includes foreign transactions and EU VAT. We keep registers of tangible and intangible and legal assets along with the drafting of a depreciation plan. We make sure the annual settlements of natural persons and companies are correct. We train employees of all levels within accounting and tax issues in order to minimize the risk of mistakes and improve the efficiency of their everyday work. 


Accountants and lawyers from TLhub represent clients in administrative and court proceedings. They support companies during tax controls and represent them before tax authorities. We also submit motions for individual interpretation to tax authorities and prepare legal opinions. 


TLhub Accounting supports individual clients in tax settlements. In particular, we offer consulting within real estate and rental tax as well as the settlement of PIT. 


Why TLhub?


Our accounting department has long-term experience in the provision of comprehensive services for businesses, supporting them at every stage of settlements. We offer a reliable assessment of available alternatives and present optimal options from the perspective of their business objective. 


Our team of accountants, in cooperation with attorneys at law and tax advisors, enables efficient accounting management. We prepare plans and present possibilities and then we implement safe and efficient procedures. We are a reliable partner that supports companies in their sustainable development. 


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