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E-commerce is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the economy. Big and small entities enter the market more and more boldly, delivering their products and services to consumers all around the world. As a result of the expansion of e-commerce and mobile applications, more and more companies use the services of creative agencies within the design and development of tools for customer communication and sales. 


Consulting for entities from the e-commerce sector and creative agencies is one of the key fields of activity of TLhub. Online business needs comprehensively planned structure and framework of operation in the virtual and the real world at the intersection of many fields of law to work efficiently. Entrepreneurs who operate in these fields must take into consideration both Polish and EU regulations and, if they deliver products or services outside the European Union – also third-country tax and legal provisions. The support of project teams which consist of lawyers, attorneys at law, and accountants enables a reduction of the risk related to the creation and running of an online business.  


Creative work related to the design and development of applications, graphics or visual identification systems requires particular diligence within the provisions of agreements, in particular protection of intellectual property, especially copyright. Complex, but also comprehensible, agreements will facilitate cooperation among creators and entities that commission creative work.  


Support of lawyers will be also helpful in the process of planning sales, purchase or merger of entities, the need to acquire financing or control procedures related to data protection. 


E-commerce and creative agencies – the scope of our services: 

  • drafting and verification of terms and conditions and privacy policies of online stores; 
  • legal consulting within development and modification of sales processes of websites; 
  • legal support within the development of proper complaint procedures, support for clients at the stage of the complaint processing and court disputes resulting from complaints; 
  • legal consulting within advertising law, competition law, intellectual property, and copyright law; 
  • consulting within agreements for the purchase of equipment, software, and licenses.  

How do we help? 


We support entrepreneurs at every stage of the planning and running of e-commerce activity. We draft agreements and documentation essential for the creation and operation of companies, as well as the purchase of equipment, software, and licenses. We draft and issue opinions on cooperation agreements between e-commerce entities and creative agencies and their clients and business partners. 


We draft terms and conditions and privacy policies regarding the use of websites and online stores. Thanks to that, clients can focus on the expansion of their businesses. 


We offer ongoing corporate services for entities from the e-commerce sector and creative agencies, including the handling of legal, tax, and accounting documentation. We also represent clients during proceedings before state administration authorities. 


Why TLhub?


We have extensive practical experience within consulting services for entities from the e-commerce sector and creative agencies. We have implemented numerous e-commerce projects for popular entities from this sector. 


We understand the specificity of the e-commerce sector. Working on the basis of project methodologies drawn from the IT sector, we form dedicated teams for project works. 


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