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Disagreements sometimes arise within business activity and it is not always possible to achieve an agreement or solve a dispute amicably. The hiring of an experienced attorney at law as soon as possible may help avoid court proceedings and if it comes to that, it may reduce the duration of proceedings and limit potential losses. 

Depending on the sector, disputes arising within business activity may regard various areas, for instance: 

  • cooperation with clients, contractors, providers, and other business partners within the performance or improper performance of agreements and related compensation; 
  • disputes among partners or management members in commercial law companies; 
  • hiring and dismissing employees; 
  • intellectual property, business secret; 
  • purchase of various goods and services for a company. 

Entrepreneurs may also encounter administrative proceedings and proceedings held before public administration authorities – President of the Public Procurement Office, National Chamber of Appeal, Potent Office, President of the Personal Data Protection Office or President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. These proceedings are very formalized and specific, and appeals are examined by courts. The attorney at law will help gather essential documents, prepare motions, and keep all deadlines.  

Sometimes, for various reasons, entrepreneurs are forced to undergo restructuring and – in extreme situations – conduct bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings and end their business activity. The hiring of a lawyer, may speed up the entire procedure and help handle settlements with employees, partners or possible creditors also in such a situation. 


Support and representation in court and administrative proceedings – the scope of our services: 

  • involvement and representation of clients in mediation and pre-trial negotiations; 
  • consulting within civil, economic, and administrative cases, at all stages of court proceedings, and before public administration authorities; 
  • representation of clients during court trials; 
  • drafting of letters, motions, and opinions within court proceedings; 
  • consulting and representation within restructuring bankruptcy proceedings; 
  • representation during enforcement proceedings. 

How do we help? 


We offer comprehensive consulting at all stages of civil, administrative, and economic proceedings. We also provide consulting at the pre-trial stage – in mediation and negotiation which sometimes enable finding a compromise that is satisfactory to all parties.  


We also support clients during proceedings before public administration authorities, also at the stage of appeals examined by courts.  


Depending on the specific character of a given case, we appoint a dedicated team consisting of a practitioner who specializes in litigation cases as well as experts on the specific fields of law that apply to this case. 


Why TLhub?


We have long-term practical experience in the representation of clients, in various civil cases, including economic and court and administrative proceedings in courts of all instances. We support companies during negotiation and mediation in case any disputes arise.  


We also represent companies during restructuring, bankruptcy, and liquidation proceedings.  


Contact our experts and find out how we can help you. 

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