Tax proceedings, customs and fiscal proceedings, tax controls

Tax controls, customs and fiscal controls, and court and administrative proceedings entail a significant degree of uncertainty for most entities. Because of that, it is so important to have audits conducted by experienced tax advisors who will verify the correctness of documentation and submit relevant guidelines regarding the procedure. The awareness of regulations that regulate the work of tax authorities and the rules of ongoing proceedings, make it possible to plan proper actions a company should undertake. Proper preparation for a control or court proceedings minimizes the risk of potential mistakes. 


Tax proceedings, customs and fiscal proceedings, tax controls – the scope of our services:

  • verification and audit of tax documentation that is subject to the control; 
  • indication of potential risks and presentation of measures the will prevent potential penal fiscal liability; 
  • drafting of strategies and preparation of employees for proper internal handling of tax controls, customs and fiscal controls, or tax proceedings; 
  • support in the collection of evidence material for the purpose of ongoing proceedings; 
  • support in the hearings of witnesses and parties to the proceedings; 
  • preparation of reservations towards the protocols from audits of tax ledgers and control protocols as well as drafting of written explanations and responses to tax authorities’ notices; 
  • representation before tax authorities and courts; 
  • indication of changes that will help a company avoid mistakes in the future; 
  • verification of the correctness of the course of controls and potential mistakes made by the authorities which result in the fault of the collected evidence material; 
  • training courses for employees and entrepreneurs on taxes and tax controls, tax proceedings and customs and fiscal proceedings. 

How do we help? 


Our firm provides comprehensive services within support for taxpayers who are in dispute with tax authorities. We support clients during tax controls and customs and fiscal controls as well as tax proceedings and before courts. We verify available evidence material in detail and help collect evidence material for the ongoing proceedings. 


We represent companies in court proceedings and communication with tax authorities. We prepare explanations and responses to tax authorities’ notices as well as reservations towards control protocols. We analyze the course of proceedings and in case the authorities made any mistakes, we represent clients, indicating the fault of collected evidence material. 


Our firm prepares comprehensive tax procedures and guidelines that help clients to fulfill their tax obligations. This, in turn, enables proper internal handling of tax controls, customs and fiscal controls, and tax proceedings as well as limitation of the risk of penal fiscal liability. 


Why TLhub?


Thanks to long-term experience and excellent knowledge of the practice, tax advisors and attorneys at law from TLhub efficiently support their clients in the achievement of positive solutions in tax disputes at as early stage of the proceedings as possible. We are experts on the issues of tax controls, administrative procedures, court procedures as well as court and administrative proceedings and customs and fiscal proceedings, supporting clients at every stage of the process. 


At the end of every year, we prepare general training courses regarding the newest and the most important changes in the law that will come into effect in the following year. Awareness of the regulations helps companies avoid mistakes that may entail penal fiscal liability. 


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