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Investors and entrepreneurs who plan to purchase or sell a company, company property, an organized part of an enterprise, assets, shares, or proprietary rights in an enterprise, should carefully analyze not only the business issues but also the potential legal consequences of such a decision. Due diligence and analysis of the legal status will help identify potential risks and estimate the value of the transaction. They will also be a good starting point for the ongoing negotiations. Besides, they will enable the elimination of inconsistencies before the initiation of talks.

Support of an experienced attorney-at-law and a tax advisor will be also helpful during the purchase of real estate or non-tangible assets, as well as the transfer of agreements or rights. With the help of a professional, you will be able to avoid formal and substantial errors and make decisions with full awareness of the legal circumstances. Additionally, a lawyer will provide support at the stage of agreement negotiation and make sure the entire process proceeds correctly.


Transaction consulting – the range of our services:

  • due diligence of an enterprise ahead of its purchase or sale;
  • drafting potential recovery plans in case a significant risk is diagnosed and support within supervision of their implementation;
  • consulting in the process of planning purchase or sale of an enterprise;
  • services regarding purchase or sale of elements of company property, organized parts of an enterprise, assets or shares in limited companies, and proprietary rights in partnerships;
  • consulting for investors who plan to purchase an enterprise or buy it out with subsidization, for investment agreements and leveraged transactions, as well as within structured products;
  • support during purchase and sale of real estate or non-tangible assets, transfer of agreements and rights;
  • support during the processes of employee buy-out or management buy-out transactions;
  • representation before the competition protection authorities in case of an intended concentration;
  • consulting within corporate approvals and public law permissions;
  • consulting and participation in negotiations at every stage of the transaction;
  • support within the negotiation of transaction proposals (preliminary and binding offers);
  • optimization of the structure of a transaction and care for all formalities at its every stage;
  • drafting of preliminary transaction documents: letter of intent, non-disclosure agreement, investment memorandum, and memorandum of understanding;
  • representation and support within the negotiation of transaction documents: sale and purchase agreement and pricing formula for the finalization of equity transactions;
  • support during the signing of documents and closing of transactions;
  • post-transaction consulting, including support within the drafting of post-transaction documentation.

How do we help?


We offer comprehensive transaction consulting services. Our team of attorneys-at-law and tax advisors analyzes the legal status of an enterprise and conducts due diligence. Then, they prepare a base of information essential during negotiations. We indicate elements that need improvement and potential risks related to the transaction. We make sure the course and finalization of a sale or purchase transaction proceed correctly in terms of the formal and substantive aspects.


We also offer tax consulting services, indicating the influence of transactions on these liabilities. We design structural aspects of sale or purchase of an enterprise and we indicate optimum solutions. We also offer support during purchase or sale of organized parts of an enterprise, assets or shares in limited companies, and proprietary rights in partnerships. We offer consulting services to investors within buy-out with subsidization, investment agreements, leveraged transactions, and structured products. We provide legal assistance regarding purchase of real estate or non-tangible assets, transfer of agreements and rights. We also tackle employee and management buy-out.
We provide consulting services to clients at every stage of the transaction, from the negotiation of a preliminary offer, through the drafting of preliminary and transaction documents, all the way to the finalization. Then, we offer support at the post-transaction stage, making sure all formalities are in place and providing legal and tax consulting. We also represent clients before the competition protection authorities, in case of intended concentration, and in the process of obtaining corporate approvals and public law permissions.


Why TLhub?


We have extensive experience within transaction consulting. Our team of attorneys-at-law and tax advisors has repeatedly supported clients who wanted to sell or purchase an enterprise, conducting due diligence, representing them during negotiations, drafting transaction documents, and assisting finalization of transactions. Every time, we helped clients prepare a detailed structural and formal plan of the transaction.


We also provided consulting services to investors who were planning to purchase an enterprise as well as within structured products. We also supported the processes of purchase and sale of real estate. We supported companies that needed the elimination of legal inconsistencies ahead of a sale transaction.


We always make sure that our clients’ interests are secured from the formal and substantive perspective. We indicate available possibilities and potential risks. Thanks to that, we help clients choose the optimum course of the transaction.


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