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Consulting at the stage of creation of companies, foundations, and associations and corporate consulting are important aspects of our firm’s activity. We know that the professional planning of a company’s structure is the foundation of efficient business development. And a successful process of implementation of proper solutions enables the achievement of assumed goals. Entrepreneurs should also remember about the liability for the ongoing activity of their companies, completeness and correctness of documentation, and fulfillment of the required formalities. In this respect, the support of an attorney at law will help you avoid mistakes and potential sanctions. 


Legal consulting is also helpful when you plan to sell or buy a company. Due diligence will enable estimation of the entity’s value and will be a starting point for the negotiations. It will also enable protection in case of potential claims after the transaction is finalized. Attorney at law and tax advisor will also offer support during controls, court proceedings, and court and administrative proceedings as well as in case of disputes among partners. 


Corporate consulting – the scope of our services:

  • drafting of agreements and other essential documents as well as comprehensive legal consulting within the creation of companies, foundations, and associations; 
  • comprehensive corporate services for commercial law companies as well as foundations and associations; 
  • ongoing consulting within regulations of the Commercial Companies Code and the Entrepreneurs Act; 
  • legal services within reconstruction, merger, and division of commercial law companies; 
  • audits and due diligence; 
  • consulting and services within sales or purchase of a company; 
  • audit and consulting within the optimization of structural business activity; 
  • implementation of tax solutions of the optimization of structural business activity and company restructuring; 
  • support within liquidation of a company, including the function of a liquidator; 
  • legal support at every stage of a company restructuring; 
  • comprehensive services within company’s bankruptcy; 
  • services within individual and collective labor law; 
  • representation before courts, in administrative proceedings, as well as court and administrative proceedings; 
  • services within controls conducted by authorized individuals or institutions; 
  • tax consulting for companies; 
  • settlement of disputes among partners; 
  • securing of estate succession through inheritance; 
  • support within the appointment of a succession manager; 
  • legal consulting for heirs throughout succession management; 
  • legal support for heirs within maintaining business continuity. 

How do we help? 


We support entrepreneurs at every stage of business development. We draft agreements and documentation essential to the creation of companies, foundations, and associations. We propose optimal solutions within the structural business activity as well as restructuring possibilities. We also implement the restructuring path the client chooses. We take care of essential documentation, notices, and prompt execution of procedures required by the law. Thanks to that, our clients can be sure that all essential formalities are completed and the time needed to do that is cut to the minimum.  


We offer comprehensive corporate services, taking care of the correctness of corporate documentation and completion of all procedures during management board reshuffling or a change of share capital. We verify the correctness of corporate documents such as annual financial statements, management reports or partners’ resolutions. We offer support within sales of shares, stocks, and represent partners and shareholders during meetings. We also draft notices on meetings of a company’s authorities and their agenda as well as other corporate documents required by law.  


We conduct due diligence preceding transactions of purchase or sales of a company. We support clients in the drafting of documents required to estimate a company’s value and during negotiations and finalization of transactions. We also offer comprehensive tax consulting for companies within restructuring, mergers, takeovers, purchase or sales of a company. We indicate optimal solutions and implement them. We represent companies during controls, court proceedings, administrative proceedings as well as court and administrative proceedings. We also offer support within disputes among partners.  


We also provide comprehensive tax and legal services for one-man companies that operate based on an entry into the Business Activity Register and family companies within safe and tax-efficient estate succession through inheritance, with special emphasis on the maintaining of business continuity. We develop possible models of estate succession through inheritance and provide consulting within the selection of the most optimal one. We offer support within the drafting of the detailed content of testaments based on a thorough analysis of family and financial relations. We also offer consulting and support within the creation of foundations and holding companies. 


Why TLhub?


Comprehensive corporate services for companies is one of the basic scopes of our activity. We support clients within corporate documentation and represent partners and shareholders during meetings.  


We supported clients during divisions and mergers of companies. We conduct corporate audits and support companies at every stage of the transaction, e.g. drafting essential documents and participating in negotiations.   


Our attorneys at law and tax advisors have extensive experience within the planning of a company’s succession. We indicate available possibilities and suggest optimal and tax-efficient forms of succession through inheritance. Individual approach, thorough analysis of individual situation, and our care for every detail enable efficient and safe guiding of clients through the entire process. Our firm’s services allow companies to avoid serious problems related to family feuds which often lead to decision-making deadlock and, as a result, collapse of businesses that operated successfully before.  


We also offer legal consulting within labor law. We represent clients in court disputes as well as administrative proceedings and before authorities. 


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