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Due to the need to expand on foreign markets and the search for attractive conditions for business development, entrepreneurs more and more often need consulting within international taxes. An opinion on international regulations from an attorney at law and a tax advisor will allow you to avoid mistakes and infringement resulting in sanctions. It also enables the selection of optimal company structures and the completion of all required formalities. The ongoing tax consulting within international taxes also includes drafting of statements, settlements, including VAT, the tax on civil law transactions, and income tax. 


International taxes – the scope of our services:

  • analysis of the current condition of a company in order to develop optimal structural solutions; 
  • planning and implementation of the international reorganization of businesses (restructuring, merger, division of entities which conduct international and cross-border operations); 
  • support within double taxation conventions; 
  • consulting within taxation of revenues acquired by natural persons abroad; 
  • support within taxation of sales or purchase of moveable property and real estate from foreign entities; 
  • consulting within revenues from the disposal of stocks and shares in foreign entities; 
  • comprehensive consulting services and tax services within the employment of foreigners and seconding of employees abroad; 
  • acquisition of residency certificates; 
  • drafting of tax statements; 
  • tax consulting regarding foreign transactions, chain transactions, and cross-border transactions; 
  • legal and tax consulting within international regulations; 
  • consulting within international agreements; 
  • support within taxation of foreign transactions subject to the tax on civil law transactions and VAT; 
  • services within tax at source and calculation of its amount; 
  • consulting within transfer prices; 
  • legal support within liabilities such as customs, excise duty, customs duties, etc.; 
  • representation before courts and tax authorities in case of controls or during court proceedings. 

How do we help? 


We support companies in the selection of optimal organizational structures, enhancing international expansion. We present tax-efficient solutions that enable the achievement of a company’s goals. We provide comprehensive services within international and cross-border reorganization: restructuring, merger, division of entities. 


Our firm supports both companies and natural persons within the settlement of income tax and analysis of regulations regarding calculation thereof. We provide services to companies that hire foreigners and second their employees abroad. We present optimal solutions on the remuneration for members of management boards and supervisory boards.  


We also support companies within the taxation of international sales of moveable properties and real estate as well as revenues from the disposal of stocks or shares in foreign entities. We provide consulting services within chain transactions and cross-border transactions. We provide comprehensive services within liabilities resulting from these transactions, e.g. in terms of VAT and the tax on civil law transactions. We also support companies in the calculation of the tax at source.  


We support businesses in negotiations and provide consulting within international agreements. We also provide services within transfer prices. 


In the case of controls, audit activities, or ongoing proceedings, we represent our clients before courts and tax authorities. We support them at every stage of this process: during hearings, collection of documentation, and evidence material. 


Why TLhub?


TLhub has extensive experience in the ongoing services for clients within international taxes. We support companies within the recruitment process of foreigners and settlement of revenues of employees seconded to work outside Poland. We verify the correctness of documentation and develop tax settlement policy (for income tax, VAT, tax at source, etc.). Thanks to properly designed internal procedures, companies are able to minimize mistakes and optimize expenditure on the ongoing accounting. We also offer consulting within transfer prices and the settlement of tax at source. 


Our attorneys at law and tax advisors participated in the reorganization of cross-border and international companies. In this context, we develop a plan of the optimal structure of a business and present available options. Then, we conduct comprehensive implementation of the planned changes, making sure the entire process is substantively and formally correct at every stage. 


We have experience in the representation of clients during controls and court proceedings. We support them at every stage of the process, help them collect evidence material, and prepare interpretations of tax regulations. 


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